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  根据淘宝商品 num_iid 批量生成淘宝客(什么是淘宝客?)链接的 PHP 文件内容如下。

  淘宝 API 有调用次数限制,一次 API 调用,可以最大返回40个商品的淘宝客链接,因此,在本函数内,如果需要批量生成的淘宝商品 num_iid 数大于40,将按照40个一次,分多次调用。如果调用淘宝 API 查询过的商品 num_iid,不管其是否有淘宝客链接(有些商品没有淘宝客推广链接),都将利用 Memcached 缓存起来,下次直接查缓存,不会重复调用淘宝 API。

require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/TopSdk.php'); //引用淘宝开放平台 API SDK

function object2Array($d)
        if (is_object($d))
            $d = get_object_vars($d);

        if (is_array($d))
            return array_map(__FUNCTION__, $d);
            return $d;

* 函数名:get_taobaoke_link ($num_iids)
* 函数用途:通过淘宝商品 num_iids 获取其对应的淘宝客手机版链接
* 创建时间:2012-02-14
* 创建人:张宴 net@zyan.cc
* 参数说明:
*    $num_iids   淘宝商品ID(支持多个商品)数组,示例如下:
*          $num_iids[] = "13583512568";
*          $num_iids[] = "10809380078";
*          $num_iids[] = "10809380079";  
* 返回值:
*    下标为淘宝商品 num_iid ,值为淘宝客链接 click_url 的二维数组。如果无淘宝客链接,click_url 为空字符串,示例如下:
*          array(3) {
*            ["13583512568"]=>
*            string(191) "http://auction1.wap.taobao.com/auction/item_detail-0db2-13583512568.jhtml?tks=jUTwPLMDtUUNEZhqfEuTZqkZhGw1LA7%2BzCJBXCj27NpurHxjZN70Amg0DVaFU61pfnHwW%2FI4MZGm%0Awgb69kbb1NL8uwtu%2BDnyAunBCVDP"
*            ["10809380078"]=>
*            string(187) "http://auction1.wap.taobao.com/auction/item_detail-0db2-10809380078.jhtml?tks=jUTwPLMDtUUNEGWhOOgVVuX%2BJKYt7fesyuZjEe7hvmpTJxYDfK8i1Wpvfl7lwI7nzD9W8M352v6E%0AyuUtsKun81AGltKzJWCYPiVDiOeC"
*            ["10809380079"]=>
*            string(0) ""
*          }  
function get_taobaoke_link ($num_iids) {
  $memcache = new Memcache;
  $memcache->connect('', 11911); //Memcached 缓存服务器地址
  $click_urls = $memcache->get($num_iids);
  foreach ($num_iids AS $num_iid) {
    if (!isset($click_urls[$num_iid])) {
      $tbapi_num_iids_arr[] = $num_iid;
  if (!empty($tbapi_num_iids_arr)) {
    $numbers = count($tbapi_num_iids_arr);
    $numbers_max = 40; //淘宝 API 限制最大返回40条记录
    if ($numbers > 0) {
      $numbers_times = ceil($numbers / $numbers_max); //第一层循环的循环次数
      $numbers_start = 0;
      $numbers_end = $numbers_max;
      for ($numbers_i = 1; $numbers_i <= $numbers_times; $numbers_i++) {
        for ($numbers_j = $numbers_start; $numbers_j < $numbers_end; $numbers_j++) {
          if ($numbers_j >= $numbers) {
          $tbapi_num_iids_arr_sp[] = $tbapi_num_iids_arr[$numbers_j];
        $numbers_start = $numbers_start + $numbers_max;
        $numbers_end = $numbers_end + $numbers_max;
        $tbapi_num_iids = implode(",", $tbapi_num_iids_arr_sp);
        $c = new TopClient;
        $c->appkey = 12498835; //淘宝开放平台 API 接口 App Key
        $c->secretKey = "745db5f8e316f9f1aa8310a7568d6566"; //淘宝开放平台 API 接口 App Secret
        $c->format = "json";
        $req = new TaobaokeItemsConvertRequest;
        $req->setPid(29509662); //淘宝联盟(阿里妈妈)PID
        $req->setIsMobile("true"); //如果要生成手机页面的淘宝客链接,选择 true;网页版选择 false
        $resp = $c->execute($req);
        $res = object2Array($resp);
        if (isset($res["taobaoke_items"]["taobaoke_item"])) {
          $links = $res["taobaoke_items"]["taobaoke_item"];
          foreach ($links as $value) {
            $memcache->set($value["num_iid"], $value["click_url"], MEMCACHE_COMPRESSED, 0);
            $click_urls[(string)$value["num_iid"]] = $value["click_url"];
  foreach ($num_iids AS $num_iid) {
    if (!isset($click_urls[$num_iid])) {
      $memcache->set($num_iid, "", MEMCACHE_COMPRESSED, 0);
      $click_urls[(string)$num_iid] = "";
  return $click_urls;

$num_iids[] = "13583512568";
$num_iids[] = "10809380078";
$num_iids[] = "10809380079";
$click_urls = get_taobaoke_link ($num_iids);

  淘宝开放平台(http://open.taobao.com/) PHP SDK 下载:

  申请淘宝 API 的 App Key 和 App Secret ,可以到 http://my.open.taobao.com/ 进行。


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