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include/event2/http_struct.h File Reference

Data structures for http. More...

#include <event2/event-config.h>
#include <event2/util.h>

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Data Structures

struct  evhttp_request
 the request structure that a server receives. More...


#define EVHTTP_PROXY_REQUEST   0x0002
 Request was made via a proxy.
#define EVHTTP_REQ_DEFER_FREE   0x0008
 The request will be used again upstack; freeing must be deferred.
#define EVHTTP_REQ_NEEDS_FREE   0x0010
 The request should be freed upstack.
 The request obj owns the evhttp connection and needs to free it.
#define EVHTTP_USER_OWNED   0x0004
 The request object is owned by the user; the user must free it.

Detailed Description

Data structures for http.

Using these structures may hurt forward compatibility with later versions of Libevent: be careful!

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